Wednesday, September 15, 2010

At NASA JSC - Tight Spaces (Soyuz)

Today I heard a lot of Russian! CMC (Cargo Mission Contract) works with our Russian friends to bring US cargo to the International Space Station. My dear friend Kathleen has been a great Day Host! Speaking of Russian... I got to sit in the Soyuz Crew Compartment. Let me tell you, it is almost as tinny as my FedEx capsule/box. The volume is about 254 cu ft. If you compare this to the Space Shuttle Orbiter of approx. 2,350 cu ft (with an internal airlock). Having the airlock "outside" in the payload bay gives some more room, up to approx. 2,620 cu ft. The Soyuz doesn't really look all that comfy. Also, the Soyuz craft is designed to come down on land! That got to be bumpy. The most updated Soyuz craft TMA-01M will make its debut very soon, taking Expedition 25 up to the ISS.

BTW, I am fastened to the CCRCS (Camilla Corona Rubber Chicken Sling) in order to keep me positioned at the appropriate angle and height to read all the instrument readings.


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