Wednesday, September 15, 2010

At NASA JSC - I must go Space Potty

I toured the Space Vehicle Mock-Up Facility and got to see many very interesting mock-ups, devices and gadgets. One question I always get from my younger friends - how does an astronaut go potty? Well, Clayton was nice enough to take me to the Space Potty Trainer. I will tell you more about it but I wanted to share this picture with you first.

As you can see I am sitting on the space potty. There are several devices that make this a functional toilette in space. Keep in mind that there is no gravity so things need to be planned out....

Do you see that hose right in front of me? 

Yes, that hose! Clay is nice enough to show how that hose works and the suction of it. 

There is a male funnel and a female funnel that goes in between the hose and the user. The female funnels (3 different sizes) do have holes for airflow. Female astronauts need to have the funnel right up against their anatomy that's why airflow is still needed. Male astronauts don't "dock" with the funnel. Well, how about you just watch a video made by Astro Mike?

How the Space Potty works - by Mike Massimino