Wednesday, September 15, 2010

At NASA JSC - Cady Coleman, Astronaut

I am also very proud of having met my first female Astronaut! Cady Coleman (Colonel, USAF)! Cady is another amazing woman. She flew on STS-73 and STS-93 (both with Columbia) and will be heading up to the ISS later this years. This time aboard Soyuz 25. During STS-83 Cady was the lead mission specialist for the deployment of the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. 

Besides her spaceflights and training, he has worked on many great projects! One being the representative of the Astronaut Office on the Tile Repair Team for the Return to Flight project, or the lead astronaut for long term habitability issues and she even served as the Chief of Robotics for the Astronaut Office, overseeing robotics training and the integration of crew interfaces into new robotics systems. Another very dedicated and inspirational woman!

Ok, just for my very dear Twitter Friends - here is another picture of Cady and me. I was trying to mimic her expression! 


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