Saturday, September 18, 2010

At NASA JSC - It's Buzz... Buzz Lightyear

Totally stoked to have meet Mr. Buzz Lightyear! (he does look bigger in his movies... but then I am no ordinary chicken anyway). 

"What's the story?" you might ask. It's Toy Story! Buzz flew to the ISS on STS-124 (Discovery) in May 2008. He stayed on the ISS until November of 2009 and returned on STS-129 (also Discovery).

While Buzz was on the ISS, NASA realized that he didn't have his own mission patch. And all astronauts flown since 1965 have had their own patches. To correct that oversight and to engage students, NASA partnered with Disney Parks to hold a contest open to children in grades two through six to design an insignia that honors the country's first and longest-serving space ranger. 11 year old Adam Carr won that contest with his creation of a cool Buzz Lightyear patch.

See Buzz's video on the ISS

Welcome Back Home, Buzz

Adam, Tampa, Fla.

"I dream of someday becoming an astronaut, so I'm excited to share my mission patch design. My design shows Buzz blasting-off and soaring past the ISS! This illustrates the thrill and adventure of space travel. The three yellow strands trailing Buzz represent the Astronaut Office. Orbiting Buzz are space shuttle mission STS-124 and return shuttle mission STS-128. The shuttles' rocket trails form a circle to symbolize NASA's unending commitment to space exploration. The 15 stars represent the 15 months Buzz spent on board the ISS. I hope this design helps to inspire my generation to reach for the stars!"

Stephen, Pearland, Texas

"When I first saw the contest, I was so excited. My two favorite things, NASA and Disney, had joined together to promote education in science. I loved Disney the few times I've gone and want to become a pilot for a NASA space mission. I may only be 12, but I know that I can do what I want to by keeping up my grades and planning ahead. I drew Buzz flying from the ISS into space going on another one of his adventures as he flies past Earth and the moon. Can you spot the two hidden Mickeys?

Ian, Idaho Falls, Idaho

"This drawing commemorates the Buzz Lightyear flight into space in 2009. I choose the background colors because they are Buzz Lightyear colors, purple and green. I also included the Buzz Lightyear saying 'To Infinity and Beyond,' because that is what the space program is all about. The space program inspires us to push our limits and not give up. Having Buzz Lightyear on the International Space Station reminds us to have fun in everything we do. I added the words Disney because Walt Disney encouraged us to never stop dreaming and to go for our dreams." 

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