Thursday, September 16, 2010

At NASA JSC - Russian Cargo?

Today I am going to learn all about the ISS Cargo and all the different vehicles NASA uses to get all the stuff to the astronauts who are living onboard the International Space Station. Here I am sitting in front of the entrance to the Orbiter Fuselage Trainer.

Just a few days ago a Russian cargo vessel docked on the I
SS. The Progress M-070 vessel delivered food, water, fuel and of course scientific materials, including some mushrooms and bacteria to be used for experiments.

Me inside the Logistic Component of the Soyuz

Right now there are 3 American and 3 Russian astronauts living on the station. And there has to be a supply line in place to ensure that they have everything they need. So, let me learn more about all of this and I will check back with all of you later.

Houston out!

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