Monday, November 5, 2012

Train like an Astronaut

Staying fit and healthy benefits us all. In my case it is a necessity. Not only because I will be running the Solar Eclipse Marathon in Port Douglas, Australia on November 14, 2012, but I also have to stay strong for my upcoming space flight mission.
ESA's Astronaut and Exp 40/41 crew member Alex Gerst cheering me on!
In partnership with the White House "Let's Move!" initiative, NASA's "Train Like an Astronaut" program aims to increase opportunities in both in and out of school for kids to become more physically and mentally active. This program uses the "Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an astronaut?" excitement of space exploration and astronaut training to challenge, inspire, and educate kids to set physical fitness goals and to practice physical fitness and proper nutrition.

In this program kids will explore mission challenges, learn the science behind nutrition, and learn to train like a real astronaut! It's a ton of fun.

The Train Like an Astronaut physical activities are modeled after the real-life training that astronauts do to prepare for exploration of space. Kids (and adults) will experience hands-on science that relates the needs of our bodies on Earth to the needs of an astronaut in space (and hopefully will also experience some sore muscles!)

These activities were developed in cooperation with NASA scientists and fitness professionals who work directly with astronauts like me and my Expedition 40/41 crew members Reid Wiseman (NASA) and Alexander Gerst (ESA). Although the program is designed for 8-12 year olds, it is for anyone and everyone who is curious about exploration and what it takes to be an astronaut. Plus, keeping your body healthy and in shape is a fun bonus!

Would you like to know more information?

And this is the solar eclipse marathon I am running:


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