Thursday, January 5, 2012

STEM or STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art&Aeronautics, Math)

My dearest friends! Can you believe it is already 2012? Happy New Year!

This year will be all about STEM or I like to call it STEAM. I really think Art and Aeronautics should be included too.

To start off I am going to collect some helpful links where parents and teachers can get good STEM activities for their kids. Check back because I will keep adding links as I come across them.

National Bird Day (Jan 5, 2012) - Many issues are affecting our birds. Teachers Pack available here.

GLOBE at Night - Student activities preparing students for star observations at night and talks about the issues surrounding light pollution. Teachers Pack available here.

I-STEM - Resource Network and Lessons Plans available here.

Tech Know Teaching - STEM Activities available here.

STEM Education Coalition - support STEM programs for teachers and students at the US Department of Education, NSF and other agencies. Website here.

STEM Activities and Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students - National Science Foundation GK-12 website here.

PBS Teacher - STEM Education Resource Center website here.

NASA Digital Learning Network - NASA DLN connects students and teachers with NASA Experts and education specialists using online communication technology. Website here.

iCreate to Educate - increases student understanding across all content areas with simple, intuitive technology. Website here.


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