Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BTS-1 While the Crew is MIA (Missing in Action)

You know what is so amazing? While Fuzz, Skye and I had so much fun inside the Louisiana swamp, our ground team put together a BTS Guestbook. And people left some of the most amazing messages of support for us! Just so heartwarming. Thank you all. If you want to read them all, here is the link to the Bears On Patrol BTS-1 Guestbook.

Here are just a few of the messages I wanted to share with you and some images from the Wildlife Refuge.

To the crew of BTS-1:
From the folks at the Christopher C. Kraft Mission Control Center in Houston, we wish you the very best and are hopeful for a safe and speedy recovery. After experiencing the pins and needles of waiting to hear from the Expedition 6 crew after they performed a ballistic entry in their Soyuz, I can tell you that we understand what the BTS community is going through and cannot wait to hear of your safe recovery and to hear your tales of these past few days.

From here on the ground team could only travel by boat.
Gators in the water. 

About to go "on land" the first time. 
Not easy to move. Add the mosquitos, the smell and the gator nests to the mix,
and you have yourself an adventure. 
On to the next location. 
One of the ground rescue workers - mosquito marks clearly visible. 

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