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igniteSmithsonian Talk - April 11, 2011, National Native American Museum

I was invited to give a presentation at the igniteSmithsonian talk in Washington DC. It was a great honor to be asked to share my passion and why I am doing the things I am doing. The list of speakers were just amazing and I felt really special. Just to give you a small example of the variety of topics and speakers that were present:

- Philip Auerswald (Associate Professor School of Public Policy, George Mason University) "Creating a Place for the Future"
- Fiona Rigby (Content Manager at DigitalNZ) "Making New Zealand Content Easier to Find, Share, Use"
- Brett Bobley (Chief Information Officer for the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities) "Digging into Data Challenge"
- Carmen Iannacone (Chief Technology Officer at the Smithsonian Institute) "Hello, I'm a knowledge worker"

 The format is simple. Every speaker has a limited amount of time available. In this case 5 minutes and 20 slides. So you really want to give a quick idea and get your audience to feel "I want more!". 

In between some of the talks there were also some videos that were submitted and they were fantastic too! Wow! I am going to post a few on the bottom. So, here are my slides and as soon as the talk is available online, I will also post the link.

Big thanks to the Smithsonian Team for having us and putting this talk together. Thank you to all who came out and enjoyed the various presentations and thank you to all the other speakers. I have learned something from each and everyone of you. For more information about this event go here:

Introduction of Camilla - due to having too much fun at the DC Zoo the day before, Camilla had no voice. So her PR person had to jump in and talk for her. 
It really is the story of two characters; NASA's Little SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) and Camilla Corona SDO (rubber chicken turned mission mascot)
It started at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center when one day Camilla saw Little SDO in a clean room. It was friendship at first sight.
Introduction of SDO

Why do we observe the Sun?

Short explanation of how the Solar Cycle works.
What is Space Weather?
How do we experience Space Weather?
What kind of impact does Space Weather have?
How do we communicate our science and facts?
What are Camilla's goals? She wants to educate, inspire and build a community - while having fun.
Camilla appeals to young and older.
The SDO mission and Camilla both focus on getting girls interested into science and engineering and introduces "Women of  SDO".
Getting the SDO data into the classroom is part of the success!
Physical attendance at events is important.
Our Balloon Transport System, 1st Flight mission intro.
Reaching out and working with other organizations builds community.
To inspire - our youth are the leaders of tomorrow! We need to inspired and reach out!
Camilla meeting and working with the Astronauts. Can so many Astronauts be wrong?
How can you get inspired and inspire? Some upcoming events.

Aesthetics in Astronomy in 15 Seconds


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